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Si Biboy, si Ging-Ging, at ang Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act
Si Biboy, si Ging-Ging, at ang Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act is a series of five primers that tell the story of two children named Biboy and Ging-Ging who were caught stealing from the store of Mang Gusting. Discussions on the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act (JJWA), a law passed by the Philippine Government in 2006, will revolve around the story of the two children in conflict with the law (CICL). The primers aim to make certain pertinent provisions of the JJWA more understandable to lay persons, particularly CICL and people tasked to care for CICL. Written in Filipino and Cebuano, the primers are for children in conflict with law, parents, police, social workers, barangay officials, and anyone interested to gain a better understanding of the law. The Primers were published by Plan Philippines through the help of Psychosocial Support and Children’s Rights Resource Center.

A Time for Change: Ending All Forms of Corporal Punishment of Children
A Time for Change: Ending All Forms of Corporal Punishment of Children is an information package containing five booklets and a CD-ROM that talks about corporal punishment, its effects on children, and why it violates children’s rights. It shows how prevailing beliefs and ideas about childhood and discipline enable the continued use of corporal punishment. The package contains the following booklets: A Background on Corporal Punishment, Corporal Punishment in the Philippines, Actions to End Corporal Punishment, Positive Discipline, and Frequently Asked Questions and Additional Resources. Save the Children Sweden in the Philippines produced the package through the help of PST CRRC.
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Children Migration

The online resource page contains electronic copies of or links to select unpublished and published works of PST CRRC. The works can be downloaded for free. However, no parts of the works may be reproduced, copied, or transmitted in any form for commercial purposes. Parts may be quoted for research, education, or similar purposes provided that the authors are all duly recognized.

We also have 105 resource materials on migration and trafficking available at the PSTCRRC Library. Click here to download the annotations.


A Review of Literature on the Evidence of Impact of the Resilience Approach in Programmes Addressing Child Sexual Abuse and Sexual Exploitation
by Emily A. Palma and Faye G. Balanon (2007)
The desk review assesses studies and programs of various organizations that show the impact of a resilience approach to children. In particular, the review focuses on sexual abuse and exploitation prevention and recovery programs. Moreover, the study contributes to a better understanding of resilience as it relates to cross cultural approaches; factors that strengthen resilience; effectiveness of resilience programs and child sexual abuse prevention programs in increasing resilience; the measurement of resilience; and the development of resilience.

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